We strive to provide space where people can enjoy the highest quality of living.
This is our definition behind “Alphaism”.
As professional architects, not only is it our job to pursue technical and artistic skills,
But we hope our buildings that form a community live and breathe the culture
in which it delivers.
For example, we have developed a grand design for a musician’s apartment.
The design of the home emphasizes on non-visible but detailed soundproofing technology
that is especially built to capture the heart of fun-loving music enthusiasts.
This is where a new community flowing with a lifestyle of music is born.
We have various architectural projects taking place around the world.
Although each ripple may be small, as each ripple links to one another to grow bigger
and bigger, our goal is for the ripples to eventually become a large Alphaism wave.
April 2008 Solo exhibition at the Salone Internationale del Mobile in Milan, Italy
Theme: "Architecture, Design, and Environmental Ecology"
February 2009 Won the master plan design competition of the Faculty of Architecture building at Autonomous University
of the State of Morelos, Mexico.
December 2009 Appointed as Consultation Committee Member for Osaka Association of Architectural Firms.
April 2010 Actively providing courses for “home education” geared for elementary school students.
April 2010 Appointed as Part-time Lecturer for Osaka College of Technology