We provide property administration that is strictly enforced to the highest standards.
Security is ensured with effective administrative technology put into place.
Maintaining the long-term value prospects of the property and to ensure increased profits, we as property management professionals will strictly manage the property up to high standards.
Furthermore, whether or not our company initially developed the property, we have necessary expertise to revitalize older buildings through renewal and redevelopment planning.
To maintain high occupancy rates, an organized property management structure is a necessity. We can provide “propositional support” as a motto for the owner to provide tenants with “comfortable living”.
Property Management Business
Make regular inspections once a month to the premises as well as equipments.
Daily monitoring as preventative measures to avoid accidents

【Property management of communal facilities】
Approach, main entrance, entrance hall,
corridor/staircase, roof, parking lot, Bike storage,
flower beds/planting areas, garbage areas, outer walls, gutter

【Property Facility Management Section】
Timer light switch, emergency light/lighting/light bulb,
auto-lock system, centralized alarm panel, lighting room,
distribution board, security shutters, automated gate,
stormwater drainage, water pumps, overhead tank,
sewage/drainage system
※Fire equipment inspection (Required by law)

【Elevator Maintenance Control】
・Full Maintenance
 Monthly maintenance inspection; Annual regulatory inspection
・Parts Maintenance
 Once every 3 months; Once per year
Cleaning Services
Regular cleaning services is essential for an apartment to upkeep its popularity.

【Cleaning of Shared Facilities】
Shared entrance hall, elevator interior, bike storage area,
corridor/staircase, garbage area, parking lot
【Cleaning of Drainage pipes】
Drainage pipes, sewage pipes, miscellaneous drainage pipes
※Receive water tank (Regulatory)

【House Cleaning】
Kitchen, bathroom, toilet, washroom, balcony,
Front door of every room, crop shelf, closet,
Glass sash, entrance, screen doors, lighting,
Floor (vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning)
Renovation Services
Well-planned renovations are essential to maintain its popularity.

・Room refurbishment, cleaning, new flooring, new balcony flooring.
・Check equipment in the room.
・Check electrical equipment in the room.
・Proposal to acquire more space.
Renewal Services
Periodic renewals are essential for your apartment to maintain high occupancy rates.

Renewal work is often considered the most important for apartments and buildings.
Because we are an architectural design office, we can propose a competitive plan that is a step ahead of others.
We share interests with the property owner in maintaining the value of the building.
Maintenance Services
Proper maintenance work is important, ensuring a comfortable living arrangement for tenants.

Inspection of the building’s exterior, and provide necessary repair and replacement.
Inspection of the building’s interior, and provide necessary repair and replacement.
Security Services
Security facilities are important to ensure a comfortable living arrangement for tenants.

【Security System Facilities in the Apartment】
Electrical malfunction/Power failure, water tank malfunction/overflow/leakage,
Gas leak in the apartment, fire outbreak, operation of the emergency alarm,
Auto-lock failure when opening the doors/entrance in the apartment,
※System implementation to provide 24/7, 365 days per year support to abovementioned issues
※We highly recommend the implementation of a new security system as well as plans to replace an older system
Information Services
Communication between owners and tenants is important.

Drafting of necessary notices, including the change of owner notices,
and any necessary information that is to be distributed to all tenants.
Tenant management
Payment management, arbitration, etc. of tenants causing any inconvenience to property owner.

Payment confirmation of rent, maintenance fees, parking,
management of late/delinquent payments, and providing conflict-management support.