Representative Director
Sadao Kimura
Born in Osaka

After gaining experience with Ogawa Architects, Alpha Architect Design Office was established in 1975.
Consulted with architects from around the world to bring in new know-how, leading to our first project,
Mitsubishi Bank (currently Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubishi UFJ) Esaka Branch’s office building, followed
by medical institutions, retirement homes, academic institutions, and private residences.
Since then, primary focus has been on designing homes where over 300 properties have been designed up-to-date.
With the overseas office in Italy recently established, international projects in Mexico and other countries through international collaborations have increased.
Focus on urban redevelopment projects in Japan, beginning with the renovation of a train station
with a vision to embark on new projects that are expected to shape new urban landscapes.

・First-class Registered Architect
・March 6, 1994 – Awarded the Certificate of Registration with Japan Federation
 of Architects through the Osaka Association of Architects.
・May 29, 2006 – Achievements recognized by the Japan Federation of Architects in creative outlook,
 the realization of numerous designs, and many years of valuable contributions as a Japanese Architect.
・Numerous words of gratitude expressed by owners of projects handled by the Architectural
 Design supervisors.
Managing Director, Architecture Management
Sadaki Kimura
Born in 1973 in Osaka

Present: as Senior Managing Director and Head of the company, manage various architectural projects comprehensively, such as the total design ranging from interior design to industrial design, including local coordination and procurement of materials in cooperation with the office in Milan, Italy.

Joined Alpha Architect Design Office
Studied at IED School in Milan, Italy
April in 2008:
Held a personal exhibition as the themes of “integration of Architecture, Design and Environmental Ecology" and its harmonious coexistence of man and nature which has received words of praise from various countries when displayed at the Salone Internationale del Mobile in Milan, Italy.
February in 2009:
won the master plan design competition of the Faculty of Architecture building at Autonomous University of the State of Morelos where the ecological symbiosis attributes of the new architectural design will be utilized in the development of the academic facilities.
June in 2009:
Appeared in “Contemporary Japanese Architecture Vol.3” (published in June.2009)
December in 2009:
the redevelopment project of Hankyu Minoh station begins, integrating the landscape design of the shopping arcade, and as of 2010, has been collaborating with Minoh-city (Osaka) in its development concept which aims to harmonize the natural environment of Minoh city’s national park, the city’s tourism spots, and revitalize the city.
April in 2010-Present:
Part-time Lecturer in Osaka College of Technology
September in 2010:
Received an official commendation from the Mayor of Minoh.
Work on creative activities in a field of “Old house Repair and Renovation”
April in 2011:
Assumed the executives of KINKI branch, the Japan Institute of Architects
May in 2011:
Completed the project of 130-years Old house Repair and Renovation along Old Saigoku Kaido, and was highly acclaimed.
June in 2011:
Appeared in “Contemporary Japanese Architecture Vol.4” (published in June.2011)
July in 2011:
Assumed the advisory(consultation) committee member of Osaka Association of Architectural Firms.

・First-class Registered Architect
・Registered Architect, Japan Institute of Architects
・The Japan Institute of Architects, Kinki branch, manager
・Vice President, Japan Institute of Architects
・Consultation Committee Member, Osaka Association of Architectural Firms
・Vice President, Mexico Tomonokai
・Part-time Lecturer, Osaka College of Technology
・Minoh City International Association, councilor
・advisory(consultation) committee member of Osaka Association of Architectural Firms.