Human-friendly and natural urban development for everyone.
We can be expected to exhibit our definitive plans with long-term benefits taken into perspective.
Our propositions take into consideration the optimum design suitable for the location based on the site location and its surrounding environment, convenience factors, functionality, and after further research on its future prospects.
Our company is backed by a diverse team with extensive experience and versatility in architectural planning for apartment and office buildings, private homes, educational institutions, medical tenants, including nursing homes, and various other building types.
Simplified Relationship
We believe in a relationship between owners and the building being simple to easily be able to understand each other.
To create a simple relationship, communication between the owners and us is essential.
What type of building and what type of concept should be used as a base? As an exchange of ideas and opinions piles up, the image of the building begins to surface. Once both sides agree on the finished concept, it can be said that the relationship is defined.
As a result of this buildup in relationship, so does the strengthening of the bond between the owner and the building, and sets forth a new beginning of moving forward together with the building.
Total Design
While we do design buildings, our total design process starts from concept planning to the completed design, we continue on administrative systems after completion of the design down to construction.
Each design that has its significance, and we take responsibility in fostering those meanings.
Communications with the owner take place from the start of a project as they share the sense of ownership for the building, as it is vital for both parties to grasp a vivid understanding of the design.
Our job is to seek consent and agreement on the overall project direction, and not only the approval for the building design, from which we will demonstrate our design competencies to your satisfaction.
Property Management
To ensure favorable return on investments, it is important to regard the property as a “business” and not as “lease management”.
To increase the rate of returns while taking long-term profits into consideration, our team can prepare a proposal, taking into consideration the owner’s opinions, to come up with proactive measures that can expect to produce favorable results.
This not only applies to new properties but to old ones as well. We can develop a strategic renovation and redevelopment proposal where your property valuation can expect to see healthier returns on investment.