As apartments/buildings age, long-term deterioration, earthquake-proof and fire safety features deteriorate and problems begin to occur.
We recommend renovation work to renew your property to appear
just like a newly constructed building.

Is this sufficient enough? Whether or not the renovated apartment building will be comparable to one that is newly built and remain competitive.
And thus, because we are a architectural design firm,
our capabilitiesin planning, market research,
with both a Japanese and international outlook,
we would like to utilize Alpha’s unique strengths and
have put forth our attention into providing proposals on renovation work.

On the basis of the structure’s physical age,
Alpha’s approach of renovation work begins by analyzing the durability of
the structure in its planning work.
No matter how physically beautiful the exterior,
the renovation work doesn’t fulfill its objective without enhanced durability
of the building.
Upon confirming with the results of the pre-renovated building’s durability, the planning work for the rest of the building begins starting with how to maximize value to the renovation work. Then of course, follows with detailed planning and proposal of the interior, such as the front door, flooring, equipments, and so forth.
※Alpha will ensure the highest confidence in providing quality renovation work to ensure the renovated building’s competitiveness with those that are newly constructed.

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About Alpha's Renovation Solutions

About Alpha's Renovation Solutions

  • <Detached house>
    Completed Repair and
    Renovation of 130-years Old house
    S tei
    130 years old
  • <Gate>

  • <Café>
    Café : harmonized with nature with extensive use of natural materials.
    40 years old
  • <Apartment Homes>
    Renovation work
    45 years after construction.
    Mansion Hotaka
    45 years old
  • <Apartment Homes>
    Effective planning
    to increase tenant occupancy.
    SunHeights Kida
    30 years old
  • <Old House>
    Design renovation and strengthening
    the structure’s durability
    T tei
    40 years old
  • <Conversion (Functional Modification)>
    Conversion of a wooden-built restaurant
    to a day service center.
    Cest la Vie
    Day Service
    40 years old
  • <Old House Repair>
    Revitalized the wooden interior and warm atmosphere of the day service center.
    Cest la Vie
    Day Service
    40 years old
The others
Designed for renovation work for the well-established business Ryokan,
30 years after the first construction.
This business Ryokan was renewed not only for the improvement of attracting customers
but also to bear to be a symbol of Regional Development.
Project name:
business Ryokan Kotobuki
Ibaragi-city, Osaka, Japan
Steel construction
April 2000